6 Steps to Make Getting Clients Effortless & Fun

evernote-camera-roll-20160921-112526So you’re sat here on Facebook struggling to know what to post…. again…. in the hopes that it will miraculously create that new client you so desperately need… (or several 😉 )

You see others posting,,, they look like they’re doing so well! Why not you?!?!?!?!??!?


Its simple..

Here are 6 things you need to get clients using Facebook effortlessly. 🙂 <3

Its so much simpler than we make it, seriously….

1. Consistency & Relationship Building – If you’re the post and run and don’t come back for a few days or weeks kind then you probably won’t get very far… #soz This game is all about the KLT factor (know, like trust).

For people to buy from you they have to trust you and know who you are, (your message too). If you’re inconsistent it can look flaky and not trustworthy and people just won’t get to know you or what you stand for as well.

If don’t bother to interact with others, or don’t reply to comments on the post you just posted then does that help people feel important or cared about? Not really.. And it doesn’t really lead people to liking you. 🙂

2. Authenticity – Be yourself. Try and practice writing how you talk, (this is more difficult than it seems at first)., This is also what people talk about when they’re referring to your brand voice. You have to write as YOU. And as many of us were raised through school that taught us to write in correct grammar and PROPER english… that can be a habit that’s hard to break… 😉 YES its ok to use slang in your writing, YES its ok to swear (if thats what you do in your speaking), yes its OK to use colloquialisms – in fact I’d encourage it!! Stop trying to sound like everyone else and keep trying to sound more like you. 🙂

3. Sales – Yep, you actually have to sell things… I know, I know. that was a complete shock right?! Seriously though… Hands up if you reguarly post in FB groups but don’t ever offer anything (free calls, opt ins, paid stuff).

That’s something I was doing for ages.. I think I expected people to magically materialise to my services page on my website and sign up to work with me,,,, ahhh those were the days (and yes they’d have to materialise there as I wasn’t even posting the link to my site!! 😉 lol ) Don’t be that person. Learn to love selling and see if as a necessary service to those you’re here to help. <3

4. Mindset, Mindset, Mindset – I totally believe in the #AsWithinSoWithout philosophy… Everything in your outside world is a reflection of what’s going on within you.. that means if your business isn’t bringing in the amount of money or clients you want then there’s something inside of you that’s not in alignment with your desires, from a quantum physics, law of attraction AND psychological perspective.

Damn those pesky unconscious beliefs! I could go on about this one for ages, (In fact I regularly do in my Facebook group Marketing, Manifestation & Mindset– see what I did there, eh? eh? 😉 😀 )

But seriously if I could say ONE thing here about it.. You have to OWN your VALUE!!! When you totally OWN your worth and the gifts and talents and education you have then people will be signing up with you left, right and centre. When you feel worthy of earning £££ and getting the results you offer, then your ideal clients will do too. 🙂

5. Back to sales, and something I had to learn the hard way. You can’t put out ONE sales post and expect people to buy, so suck it up baby.. you’ve got to keep “selling”. Yep I know its hard as it can often feel icky to keep “pushing” to those heart centred, love bugs like us that value integrity, honesty and trust…. (And have associations with slimy double glazing sales men).

But look at it this way. There are people out there that NEED OUR HELP. And they say it can take some people about 5-7 times to see something before they will buy or take action. Yep, thats a lot. And if you think of they amount of times your emails may not get opened or your Facebook posts dont show up in someones timeline, then that’s probably a LOT MORE!!

6. Lastly, and one of my favourites, at least for me…. I follow inspiration.. Sod signature systems, and planning things for weeks (however if thats your jam thats totally cool).. But I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl. (Uh! The resistance I felt to writing my signature system several years ago,, seriously that kept my stuck for months!! )

I didn’t plan this post, it just came out of me. I get ideas for something exciting and I act on it. I sell people into programs before I even have written down the content. So for those of you who feel a unnerving dread at having to plan out your weeks, months, years or launches, (and although that way can be very beneficial too), its possible to do it through inspired action, and it can be soooooo much more fun!! 🙂 <3

So what was your biggest take away from this?



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Emma Combes

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