3 Mindset Hacks that took me to 6 Figures

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  • You want your email filled up with people begging to work with you, your bank account bursting at the seems, and clients bragging about you on Facebook to everyone that'll listen.
  • You want to have a crystal clear plan, know what order to do things and get massive results from your actions
  • You want to feel like business is fun, plan your next adventure for your family abroad, stay in luxury hotels, discover pristine beaches and spend way more time with your partner while you watch the sunset and check your increasing Paypal balance

Yet that’s not your reality is it?

  • Because right now you’re hunched behind your computer screen alone in a room, trying to find the magic pill that's going to make this business work
  • You’re over analysing where your next (or first) client is coming from, you're trying to keep up an appearance of success, but deep down there's a part of you that's starting to feel like a failure. 

I’m Emma Combes and I work with conscious entrepreneurs who want to discover what works so they can attract dream clients, raise their rates & work from wherever.

As a biz, mindset & manifestation mentor, I work with ambitious entrepreneurs who want to:

  • ​Get over their excuses, get crystal clear on their message and up level their money game.
  • ​Stop spinning their wheels, start implementing like a boss and have a clear system that makes them money
  • Increase their visibility online by owning their worth, transforming their mind gremlins and claiming their positioning & expertise
  • Create a business they love while having uber amounts of fun and travelling to wherever.

I believe it's so freaking possible for you to have everything you want!  To earn what you want, to work how you want and to expand and grow in the process!

Because when you totally transform your unconscious mind, say goodbye to the doubts & have access to conscious marketing strategies that work​, you'll attract an endless supply of clients, manifest way more money and fearlessly go after your dreams!

As someone who was hiding behind my computer​ for years and seriously doubting my value, it's fair to say I know a thing or two about stepping into your power and getting paid for it!

As a trained Hypnotherapist, EFT & NLP Practitioner coupled with 8 years of online marketing experience, I've taken people from fearful to fierce, helped them triple their income in less than 3 months and created lives they love!

And I've been there for them every step of the way. :)

When you work with me you'll get access to everything I know about marketing strategies, sales conversations, techy stuff, branding and everything in between.

And most importantly, we'll transform any limiting beliefs ​as we go along with deep and powerful change techniques that'll have you owning your awesome in no time, (no matter how much that may freak you out right now ;) )

As we work together I'll encourage you to get to the root of your desires of how you want your business to look, what's been holding you back, and get massive action happening for massive results. 

No fear, doubt or uncertainty will stand in your way!​

I'll be there to hold your hand through any wobbles and I'll also give you a loving kick up the arse when you need it too!  

I'll be holding you totally accountable sweet cheeks, after all, dreams don't get made on their own!  You've got this! ;) xx

By the time our work together is done, you'll have your dream business mapped out, have an inbox full of your ideal prospects, & fearlessly owning your expertise in your field!

If you want results like these, head over to this page where you can chose a package that suits you. :)

Can't wait to connect!!  :) ​<3

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Grab my best tools to get higher paying clients now!