You Don’t Choose A Niche, The Niche Finds You

nicheYou don’t choose a niche, the niche finds you…

Ok so much talk of niching going round, here’s my 2 pence on it…

You don’t find a niche, a niche find you..

I know 7 figure business owners & marketers preaching about not niching and not following traditional marketing practices.


But guess what,

They have a niche.

I see all kinds of people talking about niche and how you don’t need one

But guess what, all the ones I’ve seen so far…..

Have a niche.

You see this is how I think of it.

You start with your message and your mission

You get clear on that

And then you tune into who your soul mate clients are

Who are those people you were born to help

You discover what they are most struggling with

And the benefit and solution you provide

And, then… almost out of no where

You’ve just created a niche *Gasp*!

I would LOVE to see a successful business person who doesn’t have a niche

Yes some niches are broader than others, some more narrow,

But still there is a niche.

Some people have companies so large that they cover more than one niche

But the niche is there by default.

It always is

You can’t escape it

its not something you need to run away from

Its not scary

And its definitely not going to trap you (I know right, a lot of fears around this one for all us freedom seekers)

It is totally and utterly possible to be ALL of you in your business and still have a niche.

Think of the niche as the support structure that keeps your business afloat. I like to think of it like a boat sailing down a river.

Your mission is the direction you go in the river, you can go with it or against it. The river is the online business world. But to stay afloat in this river, you need the boat.

The boat is the marketing, and the niche.

Its natural.

You could throw yourself aimlessly into the river and try to stay afloat without the boat, but that’s going to be tiring and at some point, no matter how determined you are, you’re either going to have to get in a boat or you’re going to have to go and sit on the bank without and forward progress and probably looking a bit out of breath and bedraggled.

Don’t resist a niche…

What you resist persists right?

Niches arent bad.

They are there by default when you decide on your soul mate clients and what you help them with.

And it is TOTALLY possible to be ALL OF YOU and still have a niche.

Let’s embrace niches, lets fall in love with niches because lately they’ve had a bit of a bad rap. ❤️ ❤️ 

Emma x

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