You've been in business for a while and have reached certain success, but its not enough to stop you sitting there, crying into your mug of tea. (The fact its already gone cold makes you cry even harder.) And you KNOW you're capable of so much more!

You want to become unapologetically who truly are, OWN your worth and have the guts to go after exactly what you want and get it, while taking your income to another level (as well as yourself.)

My High Rise Mastermind is a 6 Month Program that will have you making MAJOR leaps in your income level, your self belief and your conviction about WHO you're showing up as in your business, so you effortlessly attract new clients, raise your standards and turn those big dreams into an ACTUAL reality. 

  • Have absolute confidence in speaking your truth and who you truly are.
  • Feel sooooo good just showing up as YOU and knowing thats all you ever need to do!
  • Achieve the dreams you've been playing with for years, book that vacation, buy the plane ticket, speak on stages, do the retreat, make the impact... Whatever you've been wanting to do we will totally make it happen.
  • Double, triple or even quadruple your monthly income.
  • OWN your worth and become freaking unstoppable!
  • Start showing up as the leader you were BORN to be so you will unapologetically CLAIM your desires.

Before I met Emma I was earning around $25,000 a year in a job I didn't like.  She shifted my limiting beliefs and mindset and gave me the skills I needed. Now I've more than quadrupled my income to $140,000.

Marlon Hart
Project Manager

or 6 installments of $1450 each

  • 6 Months working intensively with me incorporating both group mastermind and one on one work for profound shifts.
  • 3 x 1:1 Calls with me to work on your deeper patterns that have been keeping your truth and power away.
  • 2 x Zoom calls a month with your fellow mastermind sisters to have me help you keep blasting through any patterns, beliefs or blocks that are holding you back.
  • 1 x Training each month on mindset, manifestation and strategy to make major shifts in your income and life.
  • Private Facebook Group with Access to me answering your questions, Bonus Live streams and a community of like minded women all going after what they want and making it happen.
  • Weekly accountability on your goals.
  • Bonus access to my 5 Days to 5 Figures training teaching you everything I did to make multiple 5 figure months in 30 days.  Packages & Pricing, getting people on calls with ease, selling from the heart, all of it.  Someone made £15k in sales from this information alone. 

or 6 installments of $1450 each

This is for you if:

  • You're done with playing small and not showing up in your true power.
  • You want to double, triple, or quadruple your monthly income just by being YOU.
    • You want SO MUCH MORE for yourself and your family and to step into who you truly are in order to receive more.

This isn't for you if:

  • You're unwilling to take personal responsibility.
  • You're more than happy with the income you're making and the lifestyle you're currently living.
  • You're more committed to your problems and excuses than you are to getting out there and changing your life and that of your client.

My business was ticking along at a steady pace through consistent efforts.  Since working with Emma after 2 sessions, my life + business have up-levelled. Things are moving at a much faster pace and it feels exciting.   Clearing and shifting my mindset has opened up opportunities along the way.  British Vogue contacted me.  I got shortlisted for Wedding Jewellery supplier for 2017 for the BrideBook awards and I started interacting with my audience throughout social media and showing up more for them.  I would definitely recommend working with Emma. She is a god-send, in fact she inspired me so much that I named one of our bracelets after her.  I don’t think things would have continued at such a fast pace as it is now if I hadn't worked with her!

Pamela Sommers
business coach london
Emma Combes

I'm Emma

I'm Emma, and I believe that if you're done with staying stuck and want to quantum leap your business and who you're being, then its totally possible for you!  As a trained therapist, healer and coach I totally understand the challenges that peeps have with creating a business that works, AND the inner work that needs to be done around mindset and money.

With over 21 years experience in deep change, personal transformation and manifestation work , plus 8 years online marketing experience , I have the know how to help people create fast change within themselves so the external world lines up to meet this new vibration, and they create a highly successful businesses they love,  while quantum leaping their income and living the lifestyle they haven't yet managed to create.

  • Personal 1:1 calls with me where we’ll transform any fears around visibility, feeling like a fraud, not being good enough etc so you no longer hold yourself back from doing the things that are going to propel your business forward.
    • We work your money mindset so you show up as the person you need to be to command the rates you want to charge and have you easily raising your prices and getting it.
  • I’ll be teaching in depth on manifestation and how everything in your reality is a reflection of what is inside you AND how to easily change the bits you don’t like around what's showing up right now that isn’t in alignment with your vision of success.
  • I give you all the strategy you need to go out there and make sales with ease so you know exactly how many people you need to speak to to double or triple your income at your new rates, PLUS let you know how to create an endless stream of potential clients without endlessly posting in Facebook groups. 
  • You get total accountability and support so you can't help but rise up and start to not only make the money you want  but start to implement the goals and dreams you have for your family.  (Want to take them all on vacation somewhere amazing, or retire your husband, we'll break it down so you know exactly what to do and start turning that dream into a physical reality!)
  • By the end of the 6 months you’ll walk away a totally different person, feeling on fire, totally unstoppable with VERY different results in your business and life.

Jan ended on £4600....woo hoo!!   I just want to say a huge huge thank you from the bottom of my heart! Working with you has completely transformed my business and my life! I have gone from doing pay as you go 1:1 with little clue on my ideal client or marketing! Not believing that I could do it, scared of doing FB lives, giving far to much away for free and not converting any calls what so ever!  
I have now converted 6 out of 7 calls! In 6 days….. My online Group programme where I will be training through FB live is almost full! I only started marketing on this a week ago!  I have to keep pinching myself!! I am more confident in my business and totally believe that I can do this!.... Im so looking forward to seeing where my business will go as I continue working with you! Your passion shines through everything you do, and you are true inspiration to all us!

Tina Herring


or 6 installments of $1450 each