Do the deep work necessary to shift your mindset, rewire your unconscious mind and therefore your vibration into alignment with effortless 5k+ months.

Discover what's lurking in your unconscious that has been holding you back from those consistent 5k months (or more!) and living your big mission so you can make 2017 the year your business takes off! :) 

I always say to my clients that mindset is 100% of success.  Why?  Because without it you wont take the actions necessary to get those 5k months coming in consistently.   And once your mindset is in place, you naturally align energetically with what you want too as you have no funky unconscious beliefs under the surface slowing you down. :) 

This training will take you to the deep stuff that has been holding you back in your business. And I'll be giving you specific information on how your subconscious mind works, how LOA works in alignment with that, and you get specific exercises to move through it. 

Changing my mindset has tripled my income in less than three months, and then again in one month I made more than 5 times that amount of the month before (cash, not booked).  I've also helped people get to over 6 figures in their businesses through mindset alone.  

Mindset is powerful stuff. ;) 


ONLY £197!

Who This is For...

  • You know you have a big mission but you find yourself procrastinating and not showing up as you know you should in your business. 
  • You want to be hitting 5k+ months in your soul led business consistently and you know its your mindset that needs a major breakthrough.
  • You're ready to look within and clear the beliefs and blocks that are holding you back.
  • You want information that is going to work, not something surface level that will get you repeating affirmations daily with no results showing up.
  • You need your results in your business to change now and you want to work on your money mindset.
  • You want something where you pay once and get continued access to come back to time and time again.

What You'll Get

  • 5 Separate video trainings drawing on over 16 years experience as a trained hypnotherapist, NLP & EFT practitioner, and Law of Attraction expert, making sure you're getting to the root of your mindset problem.  Not just some positive affirmations that leave you feeling good for a while.
  • Cheat sheets and downloads with exercises for you to get deeper into YOUR OWN unconscious beliefs and blocks so you can move forward easily to bring on high paying clients.
  • Specific training on money mindset and how to easily raise your rates and feel good about it
  • Instant access, you'll have it all in one place so you can totally move at your own pace.
  • A deep meditation to call in your ideal clients and magnetise them to you.
  • Access to a money mindset exercise that will have you blasting through the money ceiling you've put on yourself in no time at all and that can allow your monthly earnings to double, triple or even quadruple very quickly.
  • Pay once and you can come back to this material time and time again as you move through different stages of your business

What People Are Saying

“I've more than quadrupled my income”

"Before I met Emma I was earning OK money in a job I didn't like.

She helped me believe in myself and and gave me the skills I needed. Now I've more than quadrupled my income (over 6 figures) and way more opportunities have opened up for me. I feel good at this new income level and I know I can go even further if I want to."

Marlon Hart


ONLY £197