How your money mindset is totally holding you back from success


I see it time and time again with people..

If you haven’t hit the 6 figure mark yet in your business, or aren’t quickly on your way there.. its because your money mindset is holding you back, and probably not in the way you’re thinking..

Also, if you haven’t heard about my NEW 6 WEEK GROUP PROGRAM that is giving you a deep dive into everything I did to take my business to multiple 5 figures in one month AND implement it. 😉

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Im teaching a deep dive into everything I do to hit my multiple 5 figure months💕

6 weeks, me you and 5 other women, (6 max) going deep into what I’ve done and still do to create 5 figures plus in my business.

All the strategies, skills, and mindset goodness it takes. 
Plus accountability, Q&A and support from yours truly to get my eyes on your business and tell you exactly what you’re doing thats not working and what to do instead and supporting you to do that work and get the results…

Weekly calls with accountability and Q&A and a whole heap of empowerment, support and love to get you to your 5 figure + months.

💗 We re-look at your ideal client and make sure its super honed in and clear (although you may think you have this to a T its often where a lot of people are falling down)

💗 Packages and pricing – We create or re- create your packages making sure they feel good, make sense to your potential client and also that you’re charging your worth.

 Attracting your tribe of eager fans ready to buy. We cover strategies I use to get myself seen, create content and book as many discovery calls as I want. You’ll have complete access to my bag of hacks, no holding back.

💗 Sales Sales Sales – I’ll give you my selling template that I use time and time again in order for people to say yes on the phone. (I’ve had people see me one day in a group and the next day get on the phone and sign up to my largest packages) I’ll tell you exactly what to do to convert your potential clients into actual clients time and time again..

💗Mindset Mindset Mindset – We going to deep dive into the mindset it takes to be a 6 figure business owner, what it takes and what it doesn’t and we’ll talk about how to over come those mindset gremlins around feeling like a fraud, not being good enough or fear of being seen as the expert you are.

💗 Open week, I’m always wanting to give people exactly what they need, so we’re leaving this week open to have me teach and coach you on whatever you need or any themes that are coming up in the group.

If you want to create more clients and money in your business quickly and you’re done with spinning your wheels this is for you 😘

Starting 3rd April, only 6 spots available.

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Emma Combes

Emma helps Soulpreneurs with a BIG mission show the frack up in ALL their glory, totally love & value themselves and create 5 figure+ months online so their lives are flowing with absolute abundance, endless clients & massive impact just from getting back to the truth of who they are, (and learning a few kick ass skills along the way). ;) Want to chat? Click here: head over here.

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