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Which kind of confidence do you have?

There are two types, you can have one kind of confidence, which really comes from the need to feel significance, to feel liked, to get attention.

You know the kind of people that you walk into a room and they’re really loud, or they’re really dressing out there.

Which there’s absolutely nothing wrong with.

But the motivation for them to dress like that, or to be like that, or to come across like that, is to gain attention.

And that kind of confidence, if we’re going to call it confidence is actually coming from a state of lack of feeling, not good enough, not worthy and really desperately needing other people to make them feel a certain way to feel confident in themselves.

The second kind of confidence is the kind of confidence that just shows up naturally.

You don’t need to get anything from anybody.

You’re just feeling confident within yourself and this is true confidence comes from the inside out.

It comes from how you feel about yourself, your self worth your self esteem.

The fact that you know that you’re good enough that you’re approachable. That you’re likeable, that you’re lovable, and that’s a natural confidence. You don’t need to get attention. You don’t need to go out there and beg for people to like or love you.

And yeah, you might still dress out there or you might still dress a certain way, you might look a certain way.

You might be quite a vibrant person, but it’s not coming from the need to get people to like you to get attention or to get something outside of you is actually coming from within.

So let me know in the comments which type of confidence do you think you have?