Once Upon A Time…

You know, I haven’t always had it easy myself.

My own transformation started pretty young.

I always felt different from other kids, like I didn’t fit in and I got bullied to prove it in a way.  The girls at school would pick on me and I was often left with no friends so I had to spend play times stood on my own to my own humiliation.  This went on all through my school years right up to 16.  I hated it.

I pretty much had no self esteem, had a ton of negative beliefs around who I was and whether people were going to like me or not and no confidence.  It affected every area of my life.

When I was 16, I picked up a book called “Spiritual Growth” by Sanana Roman, and to be honest it felt like I’d come home.

It spoke about everything being energy, and it gave you exercises you could do to transform negativity..  I used it religiously.

It was that book that sent me into read anything in the mind body spirit section of my local bookshop.  From then I was sold on spirituality.  The rest of my life was dedicated to personal and spiritual growth, it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t an overnight thing.

However, I was still searching for a lot of my 20’s, travelling the world to all kinds of places and spiritual places and retreats.  I threw myself into learning every alternative therapy I could to “fix” myself.

And then one day I released, I wasn’t broken.  And no matter where I travelled, (which I did a lot in those days), I was always taking myself with me. My life experiences weren’t going to change until I did.

So I just had to change what was within me for the outside to change, which was a pretty powerful place to be in right. 🙂

So thats what I’ve spent the rest of my life doing. Transforming the inside so the outside changes effortlessly.

I’ve learnt more and more about Quantum physics, law of attraction, any alternative therapy or tool that can help transform negative beliefs.

Because it all starts within.

It hasn’t always been smooth, it haven’t always remembered to do it.  Sometimes I’ve struggled to figure things out myself rather than get a coach or mentor to help me.  But I’ve stayed true to it.

And that’s what’s important.

How is your inner world affecting your outer world and business?

What have you been held back by in terms of living your purpose?


Emma Combes

Emma helps Soulpreneurs with a BIG mission show the frack up in ALL their glory, totally love & value themselves and create 5 figure+ months online so their lives are flowing with absolute abundance, endless clients & massive impact just from getting back to the truth of who they are, (and learning a few kick ass skills along the way). ;) Want to chat? Click here: head over here.

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