Stop Scrolling through Facebook!! & What to do Instead to Create Results Fast

IMG_8996How much of your day is taken up scrolling through the Facebook (or other social media) news feed?  Like seriously?

Probably a lot more than you care to realise if you really think about it..

How many hours have you wasted looking at other peoples content, posts, freebies, offers just to “check them out”. 😉

If you’re doing any of this there is a massive, massive chance that you’re really sabotaging your success on some level.  Procrastinating, not wanting to sit down and actually do what it takes to create your own content and get yourself visible and making offers.

If you’re not doing the work = you’re not getting the results you could be… Period.  🙂

And we want to create some massive momentum and results in your business.. Why?

Because you know you’re here to make a difference in peoples lives, and you want to do that while creating some amazing income for yourself and your family!

So why are you doing this and what can you do about it…

  1. Write down all the things you want to get done in your business, the big visions and dreams you can break down into smaller actionable tasks.  You can write them as a list in Evernote, on Word, on good old pen and paper, or you can write each task on post it notes and stick it somewhere where you can see them.Now comes the good bit.

    Chose ONE thing out of that task list you are going to complete each day.  Most people that are avoiding “doing the work” are overwhelmed.

    Choosing ONE thing to do each day gets you into the mode of starting and completing a task.  And you;re much more likely to get a lot more completed than that.  But you build up your “completion” muscle and it helps you focus on the stuff you are doing, (not all the things you haven’t got round to yet) so it builds up your confidence also.

    Win / Win all round.

  2. Be a creator not a consumer. Stop consuming everyone else’s content, and start creating some of your own.Focus on just 2 formats and / or social media platforms to dominate, maybe live stream on Facebook and blog posts, or videos and tweets.

    You can share your content to other places obviously, but make sure you are regular on your chosen platforms.  You can batch create you’re content on one day for the week or month if you like.

    However, I also recommend turing up on those platforms regularly and posting on the fly if its say twitter, or Facebook, there’s nothing like the energy of real human interaction rather than machine scheduled content. 🙂

    3. Of course non of this is going to happen if you have subconscious stuff going on that’s stopping you from moving forward.  If you find yourself getting so far and then not completing things, or just not getting started in the first place then you need MINDSET.  This is the secret weapon most successful business owners are using but most people don’t take it seriously.  My mindset work has tripled my income in less than 3 months, and its helped other people do the same. You can grab my mindset download here to discover any unconscious stuff that is stopping you from achieving success and turn it around now so you can finally move forward and get the clients and money you desire!

Emma Combes

Emma helps Soulpreneurs with a BIG mission show the frack up in ALL their glory, totally love & value themselves and create 5 figure+ months online so their lives are flowing with absolute abundance, endless clients & massive impact just from getting back to the truth of who they are, (and learning a few kick ass skills along the way). ;) Want to chat? Click here: head over here.

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