You love quick results right?

You know you have some stuff to work on around your mindset, you want a plan to make your big F off dreams happen so you can go out there any change the world (and get PAID doing it) and you sure as anything don't want to wait 4 months to see the results.

Because so far you just haven't, you haven't got the results you want in your business and you know its the time to do something about it and make stuff happen, big time. 

That's where my Unlimited and Unstoppable VIP Intensive comes in.

We get you to Unlimited and Unstoppable, breaking down your fears so you walk out abso-freaking-lutely transformed into a client getting machine so you can go after the life and the business you've been dreaming of!

Before I met Emma I was earning around $25,000 a year in a job I didn't like.  She shifted my limiting beliefs and mindset and and gave me the skills I needed. Now I've more than quadrupled my income to $140,000.

Marlon Hart
Project Manager

Our VIP Intensive takes place at The Langham Hotel, London.
Because a massive part of success is who you're BEING, so we let you indulge in an environment that will up level you, your energy and your business from the very start.

We start the day together in a private luxury suite quickly shifting any limiting beliefs that have been standing in your way so you're ready to go out there and make sh*t happen in a big way. 

We work on your big dreams and goals and we uncover the patterns and unconscious blocks that have been getting in your way from getting fully booked with ideal clients.  We get specific so you know exactly what you want and can effortlessly tune into the vision and vibration of having what you want. 

We then put together an action plan for you to take action and get clients on tap while owning your worth and creating the lifestyle you absolutely love. 

You leave with a step by step plan to go after your dreams with an unshakeable confidence to make it happen KNOWING that you can absolutely fricken do this!!

$8500 / £6500

  • In depth Welcome Packet
  • 6 hour VIP Day at a Luxury London Hotel with Lunch included
  • 1 x 30 minute follow up laser coaching call 2 weeks after the intensive day
  • 2 weeks email support from me personally to keep you on track and get all your questions answered

$8500 / £6500

This is for you if:

  • You're done with being stuck and hovering around the same income level in your business month after month
  • You want SO MUCH MORE for yourself and your family
  • You're determined to live your life being the best version of your imaginable and to keep stretching that vision.

This isn't for you if:

  • You're unwilling to look at the stories you're telling yourself.
  • You're not willing to trust the process & take the advice given
  • You're more committed to your problems and excuses than you are to getting out there and changing peoples lives.

Jan ended on £4600....woo hoo!!   I just want to say a huge huge thank you from the bottom of my heart! Working with you has completely transformed my business and my life! I have gone from doing pay as you go 1:1 with little clue on my ideal client or marketing! Not believing that I could do it, scared of doing FB lives, giving far to much away for free and not converting any calls what so ever!  
I have now converted 6 out of 7 calls! In 6 days….. My online Group programme where I will be training through FB live is almost full! I only started marketing on this a week ago!  I have to keep pinching myself!! I am more confident in my business and totally believe that I can do this!.... Im so looking forward to seeing where my business will go as I continue working with you! Your passion shines through everything you do, and you are true inspiration to all us!

Tina Herring
business coach london
Emma Combes

I'm Emma

I'm Emma, and I believe that if you're done with staying stuck and want to quantum leap your business income then its totally possible for you!  If you believe you're here with a gift or service to help others then you're totally someone I'm here to serve..  As a trained therapist, healer and coach I totally understand the challenges that peeps have with creating a business that works, AND the inner work that needs to be done around mindset and money.

With over 21 years experience in deep change, personal transformation and manifestation work , plus 8 years online marketing experience , I have the know how to help people create fast change within themselves so the external world lines up to meet this new vibration, and they create a highly successful businesses they love, doing their true work in the world, while quantum leaping their income.

My business was ticking along at a steady pace through consistent efforts.  Since working with Emma after 2 sessions, my life + business have up-levelled. Things are moving at a much faster pace and it feels exciting.   Clearing and shifting my mindset has opened up opportunities along the way.  British Vogue contacted me the same day after I had a call with her.  I got shortlisted for Wedding Jewellery supplier for 2017 for the BrideBook awards and I started interacting with my audience throughout social media and showing up more for them.  I would definitely recommend working with Emma. She is a god-send, in fact she inspired me so much that I named one of our bracelets after her.  I don’t think things would have continued at such a fast pace as it is now if I hadn't worked with her!

Pamela Sommers

$8500 / £6500