You’re Creating The Amount Of Clients You Have

The world is yours

It’s what you make it

You are the architect

the thought architect of your own reality..

Are you going to keep telling yourself getting clients is hard?

Why the frack are you doing that? 



Why are you creating your reality to be anything less than easy, effortless and fun?

Well, there could be a whole host of reasons there, right?

Deep down you may not believe you’re worthy.

Or you may just find it difficult to change your belief

Or you may not realise you believe that

Or you may believe that no one will want to work with you..

But there’s one thing in common with all these things….

They are all beliefs…

And at the centre of the word Believe is the word LIE

Because that’s what they are.

The good ones and the bad ones…

You’re making them up

All of them.

The truth is, we’re one energy experiencing itself in this massive universe of energy. Having “unconscious” free will to create exactly what we want.

We’re god experiencing itself.

So when you say its hard to get clients, know you’re chosing that experience.

And you can un-choose it and make up a different be-LIE-f 😃

The world you experience is yours…

Its you, its always you, because that’s the only ONE there is here. 

Emma x

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Emma Combes

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